Los italianos We melt chocolate y su shoegaze en MiRollo

Ojo , o mejor dicho oído a esta peña que hace un rollito shoegaze super atractivo, personalmente nos han encantado, así que hemos decidido presentároslos para que los disfrutéis antes de que se hagan super famosillos, ya sabes, MiRollo, donde viven los abrazos. Y el resto en lengus de Mr. Shakespeare 😛

The sweetest flavour of italogaze is back with “No Meaning Man”, the new single by Florence-based We Melt Chocolate.
Born in 2014 from a group of friends active for years in the local music scene (Interzone, Evanicetrip, Scum, Smell of trees, Shades of blue), We Melt Chocolate deliver lilting, noisy shoegaze music, aware of the My Bloody Valentine heritage but also with a nod to bands like Lush and Sugarcubes.
“After the sad period of the pandemic ended, we managed to carry on some projects that had remained incomplete before the forced stop. “No Meaning Man” is part of those and is perhaps
the song that comes from the furthest away and which over time has undergone various metamorphoses before reaching its current form. The sound tries to find a point of encounter
between noise moments and more ethereal moments, a contrast that has always fascinated us.
The lyrics of the song, written by our Vanessa, speak of disillusionment with others, with all those people who increasingly base their lives only on appearance, who perfectly
conceal their most total emptiness, dress in attractive and pleasant clothes of false emotions but in reality have no empathy towards others. They don’t have the courage to be themselves
and to exist, their lives based on lies and falsehood have no meaning.”
After one self-released demo and EP, the band released their debut album (S/t) in 2019 via Annibale Records. The album was very well received, earning rave reviews on influential magazines such as Big Takeover, New Noise Magazine, Ox-fanzine.
WMC have opened for various internationally renowned bands such as The Shivas, Holy Wave, The Asteroid No.4, The Underground Youth, His Clancyness and Your 33 Black Angels.
Now We Melt Chocolate are back with “No Meaning Man”. The single anticipates their sophomore album, due out next autumn.